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Gather Ring is a role playing tool written entirely in Java, it provides a platform independent way to play your favorite RPG and Board game over the internet or any IP lan.


08/05/02- Unfortunately our OO designer had to quit the project, so I will be posting a new job on SourceForge to find a replacement. Click here to apply.

07/13/02- I just uploaded the version 0.2 of the project specifications for all to read on the the SourceForge Docs page for the project here.

06/20/02- The new updated code is finally up on the SourceForge.net site. This is still a draft version but this time it's a working one with a bit of comments.

06/19/02- A new member has just been added to the Gather Ring team, welcome to locke_de_avrim. There are still more "jobs" openenings for the project.

I just added 2 screen shots of the Draft version click "Shots" on the side menu to see them.

06/16/02-I just posted 2 jobs on the SourceForge site: OO Designer and Java2D/Swing developper. I am now in the process of documenting the code so it should be posted tonight or tomorow.

Ok... I just realized that the code I've posted on the SourceForge site and the one I've been docummenting is an old version of the code full of bugs, so it will take a little while longer for me to release the new commented code.

06/13/02-The Gather Ring web site is now online, there's still a lot of info to be put up. I will also pretty soon post jobs on the SourceForce site.
I am currently working on docummenting my code, I should learn to do that as I code but hey... so I should release the docummented code in the next few days.